Mitch Lyons – Functional Therapy Helped to Avoid Three Surgeries
Kinesiology. That’s what Lenny Levin teaches. Kinesiology is the study of human body movement. It addresses the physiological, biomechanical, and psychological mechanisms of human movement.

And from Day One of taking a three month, 3x a week intense course with Lenny, he told me that what we were about is not cardiovascular exercise regimen for my rapidly deteriorating 69 year old body, but a body awareness, using the power within my brain to identify body parts and begin to move them….when they hadn’t been exercised, some of them…ever.

Even though I played vigorous full-court basketball until I was 65 years old, or perhaps because of it, I was told I needed one knee replacement and two shoulder replacements. In the two months since I’ve been involved with Lenny’s instruction, both of my frozen shoulders are….unfrozen, so that I can reach around, find a sleeve and put on a sport jacket and do the backstroke in the pool, which I hadn’t been able to for over two years. My back is hurting less, my knee is less swollen and I am not having knee replacement surgery.

He began by identifying different centers within our bodies, one by one. Our hip joints, our shoulder blades, our gluets, our center, our feet and ankles, spine. How we sit and walk, our heel –toe connection, our neutral hip position, our lifting not with our arms but with our shoulder blades, exercising our gluteal muscles as we walk to support the legs.

Through exercise and awareness of our bodies as we go through our daily lives, I believe I am putting less stress on my weakest areas – I am more centered when I take a step and don’t land on my sore knee on each step, when I stand I am aware of my hip joint position and purposefully flex it and feel less stress on my lower back, when I lift something, I feel my shoulder blade rotating. It takes work, but I am feeling I am using my body better.
Of course, the psychological impact of working at getting better is uplifting and very positive.

I highly recommend Lenny, his view of how our brain is the most powerful way to connect to our body and this alternative to the standard sports club fare of personal training. It’s unusual, interesting and actually frees our brain to connect with our bodies.
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Paula Andrews – Reached Physical and Mental Plateau After Years of Regular Exercise
I have been studying with Lenny for over two months (currently 3x/week) and couldn’t be happier. Not at all what I expected when I initially indicated an interest in working with a personal trainer at the club in early January, Lenny’s emphasis on understanding how the body is designed to function is precisely what I needed. I am 70 years old, in very good health and physical condition. My husband and I have been working out at the club ever since it opened as Well Bridge in the early 90’s.
I have routinely done strength training, swimming and either the treadmill or the elliptical, my personal training program having been enhanced by an 8 month small group strength training class at the club that I participated in many years ago. Despite my many years of working out, however, I felt I had reached an impasse and was not experiencing much, if any, improvement in my overall physical condition.

I felt untoned and hugely challenged by any attempt to run or jog outside. Worst of all, working out had become something to endure. Lenny’s program has completely re-energized me, both intellectually and physically. With Lenny’s prodding, I have literally learned how to re-awaken the connections between my brain and the various parts of my body that I honestly don’t think I ever had despite Lenny’s contention that as a child, we all move correctly.

In two short months, I have improved my gait and my balance through my newly acquired knowledge of anatomy and my practice of the exercises Lenny assigns. With Lenny’s instruction and guidance, I am learning how to swim using the breaststroke, basic ballroom dancing, race-walking on the track, and how to better align my body when I walk and sit for increased efficient use of my joints.

I recommend Lenny to anyone who is open to new ideas, willing to listen and work in between sessions (yes, there is homework), and, most of all, be ready to be amazed at the awesome changes in your everyday life that follows. What I am learning from Lenny doesn’t simply impact my workout at the club; it carries over into every aspect of my life outside the club. Kudos to the club for having the insight to include Lenny in its cadre of physical trainers.

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Judith Yarow – Chronic Disease
I think you are a really great trainer, knowledgeable and motivated and motivating. You know you are successful when you get an out of shape 70 year old to jog a mile! Also, I appreciate the work you do, the things I’ve learned, and your understanding about my situation.

Marian Ashraf – Novice Runner
I had never had any personal training despite my coming to BSC for about 10 years, and just want to say how much I am enjoying working with Lenny. It is very motivating to have him as a running coach; he is invested, opinionated, and obviously interested in my progress. I’ve never run in a race before and now, at age 60, have signed up for a 5K. He’s fun to work with; the time flies by and is never boring. Thanks for having Lenny at BSC! I give his coaching full credit for my having successfully completed my first ever (at age 60) 5K road race on Thanksgiving. Prior to my sessions with Lenny I had never been able to run more than a quarter mile. I think it is due to his expertise and training that I was able to accomplish such a thing, which I had never thought possible.

Natalya Lipchin – Hip and Back Problems
I really enjoy Lenny Levin’s sessions. I had different personal trainers for past 1.5 years from Fitness Together but I am learning a lot from Lenny. He has very different approach to training and I think it is a right way. I had a back pain when I started my training with Lenny but his approach helped me to recover and to prevent more injuries.

Ben Hicks – Severe Back Problems
In brief, I struggled for about 5 years with on and off lower back issues. I saw multiple Dr’s and it was clear I had some disc issues (stenosis, bulging disc) but it was unclear how to correct the problems. Lenny worked with me for about 3 months and helped me better understand what was going on with my back and how I could correct the issue.
In the end, being more aware of body allignment and movement and incorporating that into my work out routine has helped me improve and has kept me out of the Dr’s office. While I still at times have some pain and soreness in my lower back, I have not had an accute back incident in a full year (this after having recurring issues for 5+ years). I strongly recommend Lenny and his approach works.

Nancy Torti – Various Physical Limiations
“You expect me to run around that track? But I am an old lady (71), and I don’t like being out of breath!” Needless to say, I was incredulous upon learning that this was the goal established in my first session of personal training with Lenny Levin at Boston Sports Club.
In subsequent sessions Lenny was very patient with my doubts and frustration; he encouraged me as we worked together on the techniques of low impact walking and eventually running. At each session we repeated exercises for posture, positioning, working joints, especially the hips that had been especially troubling in recent years.

And at the end of each session I would run around the track, at first alternating it with walking, gradually increasing the distance, with Lenny at my side. I learned that running smoothly and slowly was not nearly as difficult as I had expected. At times I became inpatient with the repetition of the same techniques, but Lenny was always encouraging, and I began to take more pleasure in my progress.
Over the course of six months, my posture, balance, and physical endurance have gradually improved, and my hips do not bother me nearly as much. Lenny has helped me to draw on skills from previous activities, such as dance and figure skating, and this has built confidence as well. The training has been a very rewarding experience, and I hope to continue my progress.

Shirlei Udell – Deconditioned, Various Injuries
I’ve been training with Lenny since last October.For years I’ve been suffering from back pain and going to chiropractors occupational therapists and physical therapists that helped me with the pain but didn’t solve the problem. I’m a very active person, I used to run half of marathon before I turned 34 years old. Then I had an injury on my ankle, after following from a stair, that enabled me to run long distances again.

Also, I couldn’t exercise during my pregnancy and when I resume my physical activities I had lost a lot of muscle mass. Thinking that I was still able to workout the way I used to do before, I was pushing too much from myself what caused a lot of injuries. In fact, I was not ready to attend the classes at the gym because I was too weak for them. tooThis slowed down my physical activities and weakened my muscle a lot more.

Finally, I decided to have a personal trainer to help me to be in shape again. I was trained for five different personal trainers and none were able to actually help me. I was about to give up working out when I was introduced to Lenny who told me that he would be able to help me. We started very slow but effectively. I could feel the difference within a month after meeting with him twice a week (some time we were exercising three times a week).

Lenny has the skills to know how far I’m able to work out without injuring myself. In fact, I use to leave our meeting with less or no pain neither on my legs, hips, shoulders, nor back. Lenny is a very professional and he is always able to accommodate his schedule to mine, including make-up classes if they were cancelled within a reasonable time.

I also had a group class with him that was very relaxing at the same time that I could feel my muscles working out hard. These “ballroom” classes were fun and I was able to work out my core, legs and arms gently and with great results.  I wish I would be able to have more classes a week because working out with Lenny is pleasant and effective.

Steve Lipman – Decades of Fitness Training With no Results
Even after years, decades, of training and going to gyms, I learned so much through Lenny Levin that I kick myself for not coming across him years sooner. Lenny’s approach is both unique yet highly sensible and leads to real results, not often achieved even following years of training. His approach is more comprehensive than most and requires one to be patient, trusting, and willing to watch and listen a lot and not just do, do, do.

Lenny does not just have you push weight around or do endless hours of cardio. His approach emphasizes that if you are not using the correct muscles (hips, glutes, core, etc), if they are not strong and able to “support” you, then your body will compensate using the wrong muscles and open you up to be prone to injury and eventually body breakdown. It is about “Functional Muscle use” and “functional form”.

He has a detailed workout sheets and training schedules to offer. Sometimes, in the course of training they seem too challenging. But Lenny reminds you that you can’t undo years of mis-training in just a few short months of personal training. “It is a work in progress-always”. I can’t imagine being able to access or move forward without the benefit of personal training and a dedicated, caring personal trainer.

It becomes your daily GPS to strength and health. He also proves that age is just a number and that the body is a remarkable machine – when functioning properly. Unfortunately, I will be moving from the Boston – metro area in the fall and will have to forego regular training with Lenny. But the lessons he has taught me – both physical, mental, and intellectually will be with me always. I would highly recommend Lenny, his approach, technique, and philosophy to anyone – young or “old”- who wants their body to function well for years and years.”

Phil Maher – Various Physical Limitations
After working with Lenny Levin for the past six months, I can see a real difference in my overall fitness. My balance, posture, and endurance have all improved. Lenny has been especially helpful in identifying my specific needs. He helped me learn to breath properly during exercise which has made a big difference for me. When I hurt my ankle, Lenny showed me exercises that reduced the pain and I think helped it heal quicker. When I had pain in my knee he showed me exercises that take pressure from the knee by engaging other muscles and joints. This approach to fitness is definitely what I needed. I am very satisfied with the results of our time together.
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Carol Tiffany – Deconditioned and Lack of Motivation
I have been working with Lenny Levin for the past six months. During the sessions he has been sensitive to my specific physical issues and adjusts the exercises accordingly or comes up with alternatives. I really appreciate that thoughtfulness. He is also a great cheerleader/motivator which often makes me push myself when I am feeling frustrated that I can’t do something. And that’s just what I need.

I believe in the philosophy of functional training and especially its merits for an aging population (I’m 64). I haven’t turned into a runner (and don’t really want to) but I am more cognizant about how to walk right. I hope that the club continues to offer this type of training because it rounds out your PT offerings.

Wendy Frankston – Reached Physical and Mental Plateau After Years of Regular Exercise
I was using the gym 3 times a week on my own. After about a year, I was getting bored doing the same routines and found I was at the gym less often. I needed a change. I started taking classes in body conditioning and cardio cross training. The problem with taking exercise classes is that while the instructor looks great and has perfect form, the rest of the class has a hard time keeping up, feels spastic, and has no clue if their form is correct. After a few months I gave up on the classes out of frustration.

At about this time Lenny was offering a free class on what is called functional fitness. Workouts start with explanations of how the body works and its connection with the brain. His concern is to get all the muscles firing in the right sequence and to get the body in the proper alignment. After the first 3 weeks of training, I noticed I was stronger, had more energy, a smaller appetite, and a happier disposition.
A year later we’re still working together. I feel great physically. Parts of my body are moving that never moved before. I feel great mentally, the mind body connection. An unexpected bonus is the calm serenity that completes the triad of the physical, mental, and emotional states of a healthy individual.
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Charlie Marz – Training Led to Dramatic Improvements
I worked recently with Lenny Levin as a personal trainer for a period of twelve weeks at the Boston Sports Club on Wells Avenue in Newton. I would highly recommend Lenny as a trainer for anyone interested not only in improved fitness, but in better understanding the psychological as well as physical benefits of his comprehensive understanding of functional fitness.When I began my work with Lenny, I had only worked on the elliptical thinking that I was getting a good cardio workout and feeling a need to pay more attention to my upper body (muscle, tone, strength, etc.) as well.

The first thing I learned from him was the benefit of using my own body as a “machine” rather than the artificial benefit of the elliptical equipment. He introduced me to a variety of stretches and strength exercises that not only addressed successfully a longstanding shoulder injury, but also the need to work and build strength in my arms, legs, torso, in my full body. I began with simple stretches and work with free weights (about 7.5 lbs) but over the period I worked with him I not only increased the weight I was comfortable with (to 12.5 lb. weights) but the number of repetitions I was able to do.

Lenny also taught me the value of lifting slowly and focusing on/isolating particular muscles/joints (e.g., biceps, triceps, hips, ankles, etc.) to maximize the benefit of stretching and lifting. I have a hiatal hernia so am unable to do conventional stomach crunches and Lenny taught me leg/arm lifts and extensions that work the abdominals (as well as the shoulder and hip joints) without putting the hernia at risk. He also taught me a modified push up to build strength. When we first began working I was having a hard time doing 15 push-ups. I now routinely do 3 sets of 20-25 push-ups in every workout.

Perhaps the most dramatic improvement made in my workout/fitness program was in moving from the elliptical to doing interval training on the stationary bicycle and in jogging/running on the track. Thanks to Lenny’s guidance in making greater use of my hips and pelvis (and even ankles and feet), in other words in attending to the form and function of my running, I have dramatically increased what I am capable of doing. I had been running “on my knees” rather than from my hip and pelvis and for that reason worried about hurting my knees.

Once I became more self-conscious about focusing on hip and pelvis (and even the way I used my ankles/feet), I stopped worrying about hurting my knees. The first time we ran the track, I did 2 laps (about 200 yards) then walked a lap. The next time we moved to 3 laps before walking a lap, then 4 laps, etc. Over the 12 weeks, my strength and endurance grew far beyond anything I would ever have imagined. By the end of our 12 weeks, I was running a mile (17.5 laps) without difficulty, and I am currently running as much as 2 miles (35 laps) without significant difficulty. (I could and probably will do even more but I remain astounded at my level of increased capacity and still worry (irrationally) that if I run even further, I will wake up the next day stiff and sore. It hasn’t happened.)

Not only does Lenny have an excellent understanding of the way the body works, but he was able to communicate with confidence and enthusiasm what I might be capable of doing – beyond what I ever imagined. And it is that confidence and enthusiasm which was contagious and which serves to motivate me (even in his absence) to continue to stretch and lift and run more often and more vigorously than ever before. I am grateful to him for his guidance and his support, and recommend him without reservation to anyone looking to understand and improve their fitness program.

David J. Rubinstein – Physical Deterioration Limited to Playing Golf and Baseball
I started working with Lenny Levin as my fitness trainer in December of 2014. When I received the e-mail from Boston Sports Club regarding Functional Fitness, I was immediately interested. I have worked with a variety of trainers over the past 15 years, and the idea of ‘Functional Fitness’ really sparked my interest.
I was no longer interested in working with a trainer who would just simply teach me more exercises and push me to lift more weight. I’m over 50 years old, consider myself in decent shape, and continue to be active, playing golf, softball, basketball and running. I do realize my body is changing and I want to preserve it as best I can so I can continue to enjoy being active, and avoid the typical ‘body breakdown’ that many in their senior years’ experience.

I’m delighted that I signed up with Lenny. I’ve not only learned how to take better care of my body, Lenny has taught me how to be more efficient and not wear down so quickly. As an example, I enjoy outdoor running, but my knees would hurt, or my lower back would be in pain. Lenny changed my running stride, taught me how our bodies are a series of interconnected parts, each part relying on its connected partner to function properly. He’s taught me how to fix my posture, relax my shoulders, and run efficiently. My knees no longer hurt, my hips and buttocks are in their best shape ever.

On top of all of this, the exercises and routines are both interesting and enlightening. One of my favorite sessions is when we go into the dance studio, and stretch to classical music, or perform ball room dancing to exercise the pelvis and hips. There is never a dull moment. I highly recommend working with Lenny Levin. I don’t just feel better about my body, my mind and spirit have been enlightened.
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Margaret Mills – – Long Time Distance Runner Forced to Stop Running 20 Years Ago Due to Knee Problem
When we first met, Lenny recognized immediately my posture needed attention. Being aware of this situation in myself I immediately trusted him. He showed me several exercises to practice in the shoulder area, helped me focus on how to lift my rib cage to hold my core and how to practice holding the proper dance frame in order to stand tall. When my husband looked at me while on a walk last week and said “Is that you?”—your standing so straight, it makes you look so much younger”. I realized Lenny’s instruction has really helped.

When younger I had run for approximately 25 years (10KS, half marathons, even a marathon) but at the age of 50 I had to stop due to knee pain. Now at 70, Lenny is encouraging me to think again about jogging, using his technique. (My initial reaction—“No Way!!”) Lenny gently talked to me about why I was injured before and how if we try walking first, using the glutes, pelvis and thighs all the stess will come off the knees. Walking around the track slowly and then gradually quicker I could feel the softer landing.

After several weeks of working at this technique he said quite unexpectadly–“Try to jog this lap”. To my surprise I was able to complete a lap and there was NO KNEE PAIN! My gym routine now includes the stationary bike, the exercises Lenny has taught me to build my core strength and the track—I’m able to complete a mile by walking 2 laps (One slower, one quicker) and the 3rd one jogging for 18 laps!!

Using ones body to stay strong and functional and not relying on machines to stay fit is such an important lesson taught by Lenny. The surprise of Lenny’s training is the dancing. We worked on form and the use of glutes and core to help with movement. The use of music, the thinking involved of how to hold one’s center, concentrating on the frame, how to step coinciding with the beat and then experiencing the easy flow of actually dancing, brought joy into the training sessions.
I have truly benefited from training with Lenny Levin and will continue the use of these best practices every time I come to BSC.
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Nadine Cohen – Physical Limitations with Lack of Motivation to Exercise
Lenny is a an extremely knowledgeable trainer with an excellent understanding of how the body works. He tailors programs to clients’ needs and works with you at your level. I have gone to many “one size fits all” trainers and Lenny is not one of them. His exercises are varied and geared to what you need. His instruction on proper walking/jogging techniques is particularly helpful.

Ellen D. ShapiroVarious Physical Limitations and Lack of Motivation to Exercise
Lenny Levin has been my personal trainer for over a year. I have found him to be intelligent, thoughtful, persevering, very observant, and creative. Lenny is with you for the long haul. He wants you to age without injury and to live in good health. To those ends, he creates an exercise program based on your goals and his highly informed beliefs and expertise. Lenny is encouraging but you cannot take his “Good” for granted.

You only get it when you have earned it and therefore it is very meaningful. He is extremely thoughtful about body mechanics and under his guidance my posture in particular has improved. As my mother had been telling me to stand straight since I was a child without success, I take this as a real victory for me and for Lenny.
In addition, he is aware of the importance of fun in exercising and tries to find activities that a client both enjoys and finds helpful, knowing that this will mean you will stick with it. Lenny does not hesitate to let you know if he thinks you are doing something incorrectly. Any client should be prepared to come in with an open mind and work hard. The results will be worth it.

I recommend Lenny for people of all ages:–for the young, to stay the course of life in good health and with good habits; for older adults, to regain strength, stay strong, correct bad habits, and learn with a provocative, intelligent instructor who has serious interests in you and your health.
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Marilyn Conviser – Various Physical Limitations
I have been a member of Boston Sports Club for about twenty years. During that time I have worked with many trainers and instructors. All of those trainers were very committed, but in the past few months I have been training with Lenny Levin and he has taught me from the ground up, so to speak. By that I mean, he has taught me a system of gradually incorporating each muscle to work in sync. In other words it is like climbing a ladder, with the inclusion of each muscle to work like a well-oiled machine.

For the first time I leave the gym knowing and able to practice on my own. There are no machines to remember or how so set them, or which weight to use and what position you need to assume. He teaches you to use your own body to be your equipment with very little use of gym equipment.  Lenny also is very knowledgeable and conveys so much information regarding anatomy so that what you are doing makes so much sense, and I know I feel when I leave the gym that I have really learned and accomplished a great deal.

Andrew Goldberg – Training Brought Tangible Fitness Improvements
I joined the Boston Sports Club in Newton because I wanted to augment my cardio exercise with weight lifting. From the moment I started working with Lenny I set out on a different path, which is proving to be rewarding and more sustainable. I am doing functional body awareness training, which translates into using core muscles, glutes and shoulder blades to power my swimming, cycling and running. The result is I am doing these exercises the way the body was built to function and I’ve become more efficient and powerful at all three disciplines. I would wholeheartedly recommend functional body training to anyone, who wants to become sustainably fit.

David Rudolph – Training Brought Tangible Fitness Improvements
My swimming and running have greatly improved since I started working with Lenny. I have cut over a minute off my half-mile swim, which is amazing after years of struggling to cut seconds. After adjusting my stride based on Lenny’s advice, I have been able to run without any foot pain for the first time in many years.

Fran Rametta – Physical Limitations and Lack of Motivation to Exercise
I have been working with Lenny for almost a year now. After years of spending time at the gym working out under the supervision of a personal trainer, I became bored and felt “stuck” in my routine. Lenny’s approach is not only refreshing, but practical as well. Lenny focuses on functional fitness, which benefits everyone, especially those of us who are thinking about staying fit as we age.

When I began with Lenny  I had been experiencing hip and lower back pain. Lenny is knowledgeable and observant; after evaluating me, he informed me that I was locking my hips and knees when walking. In my sessions with Lenny, I have learned a lot about how our skeletal and muscular systems need to work in harmony in order to truly be functional. He taught me about proper alignment and challenged me to think about how my body moves in space.

Lenny’s sessions are dynamic, informative and thought provoking. I always leave thinking about what I’ve learned and have a clear task to achieve. Lenny is thoughtful about my needs; it is clear that he modifies his plan based on my feedback. Sessions are always interesting; he incorporates strength training, swimming, biking, dancing and running. I have been very pleased with Lenny’s approach; it is not merely a workout routine, it is an education about human physiology. I appreciate his expertise and dedication!
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Kevin Gillespie – Completed First Marathon
I am currently preparing to run my first full marathon and I have suffered from tendinitis and rheumatoid arthritis. Working with Lenny Levin has given me some of the techniques which have mitigated some of my pain. Lenny has tried to teach me what is really going on with my body and my running form.
I appreciate Lenny’s help as I try to train for the Chicago marathon in October. Based on my experience with Lenny as my trainer, I think anyone with physical challenges would benefit from his guidance. I believe that Lenny is trying a new approach which has been effective for me.

It was very exciting. My daughter helped me along, pushing me to keep running. We weren’t fast, finishing in just under 5 hours. But we did it. I’m proud of myself for sticking to the training and running my first full marathon. Thanks so much for your help.

I’d like to schedule one more session with you, Lenny and then- take a break for a while. I’m going broke paying for the club membership and the personal training. How about meeting one week from tomorrow. My left foot has been bothering me since the marathon. I tried running again on Thursday morning and re-injured it. I need to give it some rest time.

Phil Meynard – Completed First Marathon
This year I ran the Boston Marathon. It was frightening feeling when I got my number being my first marathon. I was lucky to have met Lenny a few months before the marathon who guided me and showed me different ways of running. He taught me ways of running that were much more efficient putting less stress on my body. I highly recommend Lenny and will be training with him for the 2014 Boston Marathon.

Wiiliam Uliacz – Extended Running Distances from 10K to Half-Marathon
Lenny, I did want you to know, that your training/coaching helped me adjust my running style in several ways. I’m now able to run longer distances with no leg/foot pains and at a much lower heart rate. On 3/17/13, I completed the New Bedford, MA Half-Marathon, running negative splits for my miles as I progressed through the course, starting with about a 9min/mile pace and progressing to end with sub 8 min pace for the last mile plus, ending with a 8:31 overall pace.
My heart rate was below 140 most of the way; the last three miles were into the wind and uphill and my heart did go into the low 150s as I was also picking up speed, and it climbed to the low 160s for the final sprint to the finish. At the end I was obviously tired and physically drained, with muscle fatigue, but no blisters or leg/foot/ankle pains. Your technique worked well!

For reference, prior to taking your training, on 11/4/12, I did a 10K (Lexington, MA) and finished with a 8:31 pace, but was quite sore and much worse for the wear, my heart rate was above 150 most of the race and spiked above 170 at the finish. I still have plenty of room for improvement, but was very happy with my progress.

Wiiliam UliaczExtended Running Distance to Marathon
I hope you are doing well. Just wanted to let you know that the Core Running technique is still paying dividends for me.
On March 16, 2014, I ran a personal best at the NYC 1/2 Marathon, 1:46:30 (8:08 pace), negative split. I did not over push this race, and did experience top of foot pain from mile 8-11 because my shoe was tied too tight. Still managed a personal best.
On March 29, 2014, I ran a personal best at the Richmond, VA Ukrops 10K, 44:36 (7:12 pace) with a negative slit, the last 5k was at 21:43). I pushed hard the entire race.

On May 4, 2014, I ran my 1st full marathon, Providence, RI, 3:50:33, (8:48 pace), with negative splits. I paced at a steady 9:00/mile for the 1st 9 miles, then moved to about a 8:50 pace to about mile 15, and then move up a bit each mile through the finish, pushing strong for the final 10K. I did not follow a conventional training plan for marathons, rather I focused on Core Running technique.
Since taking your class I have been injury free! I do get post race soreness, after the marathon some hamstring soreness – but overall I felt good the entire race and post race.unctional