Lenny Levin

About Lenny Levin

Lenny Levin, the founder of Wellness and Beyond, raised a question why the current framework of fitness, health and wellness are failing to produce successful outcomes.

This quest led him into the area of human movement, and he discovered studying biomechanics kinesiology, physiology and human anatomy for the last 13 years that current fitness, health and wellness protocols are guided by the principles of gross anatomy (GA) which is a branch of human anatomy. GA is not a research-led subject and is a study of body components and segments visible to the naked eye also known as macroscopic anatomy (Merriam-Webster dictionary).

Lenny’s research focus to develop better understanding of the human skeleton functions and joint motions related to human movement production. He has been practicing his findings and they are producing successful outcomes to improve fitness results and injury treatments outcomes that allow to avoid surgical interventions. Lenny’s work is getting the coverage across major U.S. radio stations, on the Web and social media.

He contributed to the new understanding to view human movement from biomechanical perspective and suggested to associate human skeleton with geometrical configuration, geometry of motion and body movement mechanics to represent kinematic chain movement. Lenny’s efforts are aimed to research, develop and practice body movement mechanics related to a wide range of physical activities and sports such as running, jogging, walking, swimming, dancing and weight lifting

Lenny is operating a private practice in Newton, Ma to offer new findings in group and one-on-one settings. He is practicing daily to improve the functional capacity of his own body and has been competing successfully in long-distance running and endurance events for the last 25 years..  

In addition, he is dedicating his efforts to advance the knowledge and solutions to a wide range of areas related to athletic performance, overall health, injury treatment, aging, weight loss, wellness, and lifestyle including psychological and behavioral issues.