Training Services

 Conventional functional training methods for all sports and activities do not extend beyond the  functional awareness level and do not produce results adequate to the training effort, and do not improve performance consistently. This science-based methodology is the next step in improving human functional movement and can be universally applied to all physical activities to produce tangible results. Private sessions, workshops and group classes can be arranged upon request.  Also, an introductory session is available for each specialty and it includes an initial assessment and a proposed training plan.

Functional Therapy and Training

If you experience musculoskeletal injuries you would need to put the body through functional rehabilitation along with developing functional awareness. Functional therapy is an alternative to physical therapy, medical and chiropractic care.

While conventional treatments concentrate on the location of pain functional therapy focuses on the areas outside the pain. Functional therapy and training assesses the areas outside of pain.  It has proven to be very effective and helped many individuals to remove pain and avoid surgical intervention related to knee, spine, low-back, hip, shoulder, neck and feet problems.

Here’s a video interview from a person who was scheduled for 2 shoulder and 1 knee replacements and functional therapy helped him to cancel all three surgeries.

To read and watch follow this link: clients testimonials.

Running, Walking and Beyond

You will learn how to make your stride more efficient and improve your stamina and endurance. To read and watch follow this link: clients comments.

If you are a struggling swimmer you will find out how to swim with less resistance and enjoy swimming. Experienced swimmers would learn how to move through the water with less energy and significantly improve their swimming times.


Dancing and Beyond

Traditional methods of dancing instruction do not improve functional body movement and they focus mostly on teaching dancing figures syllabus. Body movement training is not effective and it is conducted without a proper understanding of the science of human movement and anatomy. As a result, conventional dancing instruction does not produce meaningful results and contributes to a high dropout rate.

Dancing and Beyond will teach you how to move properly before learning dancing steps and figures. It  will give you an opportunity to learn a science-based functional movement and to lay out the foundation for learning dancing movements to make true progress, and the ability to sustain dancing for years to come. Private sessions, workshops and group classes are available upon request. 

Personal Fitness Training

If you are interested in one-to-one private sessions please use the contact form to make a request.  To read and watch follow this link: clients comments.

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